Breath-Body-Mind: Uniting Evidence-Based Science with Ancient Wisdom

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Mental Health professionals have long known that ancient practices such as meditation, breath-work, and yoga work well with conventional treatments to both engage and treat people with mental health and substance use conditions. With this, they have explored the benefits of wholesome nutrition, essential oils, herbs, and natural supplements, as well as popular remedies such as sound healing and energy work (therapeutic touch, Reiki, massage, and acupuncture).

BBM, Breath-Body-Mind TM, has emerged over the past ten years as yet another practice drawing on ancient traditions to complement evidence-based treatments already in use. Dr. Richard P. Brown and Dr. Patricia L. Gerbarg developed BBM to regulate and balance the nervous system, voluntarily calm the stress response, uplift mood, and reduce cravings. Drawn from yoga, Buddhist meditation, Qigong, and Christian monastic practices, BBM utilizes what are known as voluntarily regulated breathing practices (VRBPs). Studies have shown that voluntarily regulated breathing practices can significantly improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress-related medical conditions. At the same time, these trauma-sensitive practices can help restore feelings of safety, meaningful connection, bonding, and love for those who experience states of disconnection or emotional numbing—both common consequences of trauma and loss. Further, VRBPs can facilitate psychotherapy by reducing anxiety and defensiveness, providing tools for emotional self-regulation, relieving symptoms, and improving relationships. They can also be used to reduce the amount of medication needed to control anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms of stress. Benefits have been shown for a wide variety of people, including health care practitioners, individuals with psychiatric and medical conditions, at-risk children, veterans, active-duty military, and survivors of disasters, among others. If you are interested in reading more about BBM, you can find additional information here

We are excited to have Linda Lentini & Tracey Sondik, PhD, presenting Breath-Body-Mind TM Basics. Participants will be invited to attend a free virtual practice session with the two facilitators following this training. Breath-Body-Mind co-founders Dr. Patricia L. Gerbarg and Dr. Richard P. Brown will make an appearance for this workshop as well! Learn more and register for Breath-Body-Mind Basics

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