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The Importance of Conversations About Race in Clinical Practice

When it comes to race, saying nothing is saying something. Race, racism, and inequality penetrate every facet of our society, so ignoring th...

An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Lifelong Consequences of Trauma

We are all touched by trauma, in one way or another. Every day, behavioral health professionals are talking to people affected by trauma. 

Not Just ‘Baby Blues’: Addressing Issues in Maternal Mental Health

Why are babies called “bundles of joy” when, in reality, parents experience a full range of emotions? More like “bundles of everything.”  Pr...

Psychopharmacology Treatment Basics

Many behavioral health professionals do not prescribe drugs—you need a medical degree to prescribe. But in order to develop effective treatm...

Brain Hijackers: The Biology of Addiction

Addiction to substances — alcohol, nicotine, opioids, stimulants, or sedatives — is a serious issue for many people, wreaking havoc on famil...

Getting Help for Hoarding Disorder

If you’ve watched the reality TV show Hoarders or tried to reorganize your space according to the ideas promoted by Marie Kondo, you’re fami...

How to Talk about Suicide and Self‑ Harm with Adolescents

While the nation and world grapple with the difficult challenges of the COVID‑19 pandemic, another public health crisis continues to grow.

Approaching Substance Use Disorders with Compassion and Community

How can behavioral health professionals support clients who struggle with drugs, prescription medications, or alcohol?  A substance use diso...

Cultural Humility Is Key for Inclusive Behavioral Health Practices

As behavioral health professionals, we have clients  who have often experienced the traumatic effects of racism. How can we ensure that we’r...
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Goodbye, 2021: Four Articles You Loved Last Year

In 2021, the Connecticut Women's Consortium launched our blog, the Consortium Speaks. Over the course of the year, we published 55 articles.
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