Nonprofit Stories: Sensory Basket Throwback

At the Connecticut Women’s Consortium, we understand the role that environment plays on our stress levels. In our office, we’ve dedicated space to de-escalation, retreat, and sensory cleansing. Our team members are continually encouraged to set up areas that work for them — including desks that are cluttered with sensory toys and those that are stark and clutter free. 

In 2019, we decided we wanted to share our love of sensory rooms and toys by giving back to a local agency centered on the needs of women and children. After much deliberation and weeks of gathering donations, we were able to put together a collection of overflowing sensory baskets ready for delivery to the Trauma and Gender project graduates at Liberation Programs. We took our baskets, hopeful that the toys, blankets, activities, and crafts inside would help their clients and support Liberation’s incredible healing efforts. 

As a non-profit organization, we were thrilled to be able to help our friends and support our community — just like our community has supported us. For the team members able to personally deliver the baskets, this was a touching opportunity to learn more about the agencies our initiatives and trainings support.

As our Executive Director Colette Anderson details in her training on trauma informed spaces: agencies should take every measure to create safe conditions for staff and clients alike, and that includes taking into consideration the visual and physical aspects of the space. We know through our work that it is important to understand the ways in which sight, sounds, and smells influence people’s experiences and how those experiences coalesce to promote healing. Here, we were able to help Liberation make that transformation. Thank you to all involved.

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