Nonprofit Stories: The Power of Positive Reviews

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In the spring of 2020, we transitioned from in-person to fully remote trainings. After years of serving our customers face-to-face in our training suites and enjoying the conversations, connection, and learning that were central to that space, the transition hit like a ton of bricks. First and foremost, we were concerned that the quality of our virtual trainings might not meet the needs of our customers — the dedicated individuals on the front lines of the behavioral health field. As a small non-profit, we worried that our fiscal and personnel limitations might prevent us from making the best of these tumultuous times.  

A year later we can safely say that this is not the case. In the past twelve months, our Education and Training team has become adept at scheduling and managing virtual trainings. Our customers have recognized the difference, some going as far as to write glowing reviews. With each new training and each new review, we feel confident that we are helping to create an environment for growth and learning even when the world feels grim. Our newfound virtual success has further emboldened us to think creatively about our training schedule and the types of courses we offer. Our director of education and training, Shannon Perkins, has worked with dozens of new trainers and increased offerings in clinical skills, cultural competency, and healing arts. As we move forward, we are eager to take a bolder stance for the things that mean the most to us as a non-profit: trauma-informed and responsive behavioral health care, women’s empowerment, and racial equity. We are not going to allow scary things, like a transition to virtual trainings, stop us from fighting. Rather, we aim to use these challenges as opportunities for expansion.

As we edge towards the fall, we continue to adapt with the changing times and shifting guidelines. Starting in September, we will offer three in-person trainings to our friends and guests. If you’re interested in joining for an in-person session, view the available courses on our store page. Our in-person roster includes:  

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