Who's Been Reading Trauma Matters?

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In short, a lot of people have been reading Trauma Matters. Our flagship newsletter has been in circulation for over 20 years, gaining extensive readership and attracting some of the most prominent behavioral health professionals as writers and commentators.

Each edition of Trauma Matters includes a feature piece on one of our readers. A favorite among readers and the Editorial Board alike, Who’s Been Reading Trauma Matters has cast a spotlight on dozens of local and national leaders. Leaders like Maggie Young of Liberation Programs, William C. Moyers, and Beverly Gooden, known for creating the viral Twitter hashtag #WhyIStayed, have all graced the pages of Trauma Matters.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Who’s Been Reading Trauma Matters, I’ve included a few of my favorite features from recent years below. Take a look and tell me which is your favorite.

Kim Bogucki
Kim Bogucki

The ‘If Project’ was established by Detective Kim Bogucki after she visited the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) as a Girl Scouts Beyond the Bars partner. Detective Bogucki’s job then as a part of the Seattle Police Department Youth Outreach Unit was to work with girl scouts whose mothers were incarcerated at WCCW. She believed her visit would help to build trust between the inmates, children, and the Girl Scouts Beyond Bars Association.

On her initial visit to WCCW, Kim asked the following question: “If there was something someone could have said or done to change the path that led you here what would it have been?” From there, the If Project launched wherein current and previously incarcerated adults and community partners focused on intervention, prevention, and reduction in incarceration and recidivism. The project’s work is built upon–and inspired by–people sharing their personal experiences surrounding the issues of incarceration.

Read more about Detective Bogucki and the rest of the If Project team at https://www.theifproject.org/

United States Senator Chis Murphy
Senator Chis MurphyChris Murphy and the Connecticut Women’s Consortium’s own Kathleen Callahan pictured at left with the Summer 2017 Veteran’s Edition of Trauma Matters. In this edition, Senator Murphy discussed his proposed bill (the To Honor Our Commitment Act) which would expand behavioral health services through the VA to veterans given “other than honorable discharges.” Chris Murphy is Connecticut’s junior senator and a tireless advocate for better access to mental health care for all.
Maggie Young, LADC MSW [Abridged]
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Maggie Young, LADC, MSW is the Chief Recovery Officer for Liberation Programs. She has been working in addiction prevention, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment services for more than 25 years. She oversees our Inpatient Programs as well as spearheading prevention and education services which support middle and high school aged students and their families.

In addition to her local and state work, Maggie facilitated a training in Juneau and Anchorage, Alaska in 2018 for child welfare and court support services staff on the benefit of medication-assisted treatments for women with children.

Through her own personal journey, Maggie was drawn to supporting other women through the often difficult and confusing first steps of recovery. Through her efforts, she has developed collaborative relationships between the local child welfare system, local hospitals, and substance use treatment services, which has both improved outcomes for families and increased family involvement.  


We have earned a substantial audience through our regular continuing education trainings. As a small nonprofit who relies so heavily on the kindness of our community members, we are beyond pleased to be able to bring our audience’s attention to our friend’s work. If you have someone you would like to highlight in a future edition of Trauma Matters, please email me at emilyhoyle@womensconsortium.org

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