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What Is Affect Regulation and How Can I Use it For My Clients?

Emotions and moods are complicated and are deeply affected by people’s experiences in life — including trauma. When people have trouble regu...
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Yoga for Trauma Therapy: What Clinicians Need to Know

Trauma is a full-body experience, and people store trauma in their bodies. So it makes sense that yoga for trauma therapy can be an effectiv...
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Understanding and Providing Grief Support to People in Recovery

Life can be complicated, and most of us have dealt, on some level, with grief and loss. Certainly, the global pandemic moved grief into a ce...
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The Basics of Trauma Counseling for Urban Communities

As behavioral health professionals know, trauma is an unfortunate reality in many urban communities. Trauma is worsened by a lack of social ...
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Recognizing and Treating Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality for many young people around the world. It harms their brains, bodies, and hearts and ripples out...
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What Is Vicarious Trauma? And How Can We Prevent It?

Every single day, behavioral health professionals interact with people who have experienced trauma. We care for them and hope to provide hea...
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Understanding Gender Identity to Better Serve LGBTQIA Populations

Gender identity comes up often in the work of behavioral health professionals, and understanding gender identity is one key to respectfully ...
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Trauma-Informed De-escalation Strategies for Behavioral Health Professionals

What do you do when a client becomes aggressive and escalates into anger? Many behavioral health professionals work with clients who have ex...
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Exploring Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery is change — and it is different for every individual. People in recovery do not exist in a vacuum. Recovering from mental health an...
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