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Caring for Older Adults in Behavioral Health Settings

One thing is certain in this life — we all age. And older people face particular mental, physical, and behavioral health challenges that can...
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Understanding Gender Identity to Better Serve LGBTQIA Populations

Gender identity comes up often in the work of behavioral health professionals, and understanding gender identity is one key to respectfully ...
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Trauma-Informed De-escalation Strategies for Behavioral Health Professionals

What do you do when a client becomes aggressive and escalates into anger? Many behavioral health professionals work with clients who have ex...
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Exploring Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery is change — and it is different for every individual. People in recovery do not exist in a vacuum. Recovering from mental health an...
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How Working with Parents and Children can Help Build Resilient Families

Parenting is never easy, and today’s caregivers face challenges we couldn’t have imagined several years ago. We could all use a little help.
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What is Exposure Therapy?

Exposure therapy — when done correctly — has helped millions of people overcome fear and anxiety. It is used by some therapists and behavior...
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Understanding Cultural Competence and Becoming an Antiracist Therapist

In a society that is warped and damaged by racism and inequality, behavioral health professionals need to have a strong understanding of cul...
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Transforming Organizations to Embrace Trauma-Informed Care

How do we know if we are on the right path to providing trauma-informed care? Research shows us that trauma is present in almost every age, ...
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What is Toxic Stress?

We all experience stress at some times in our lives. And not all stress is bad for us. However, some kinds of stress can be overwhelming and...
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