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What Is Affect Regulation and How Can I Use it For My Clients?

Emotions and moods are complicated and are deeply affected by people’s experiences in life — including trauma. When people have trouble regu...
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What Is SBIRT? And How Does It Help Address Substance Use Disorders?

When clients appear to be struggling with substance use issues, behavioral health professionals often use a tool called Screening, Brief Int...
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Using The ASAM Criteria for People Struggling with Addiction

Millions of people struggle with substance use issues, and some of them seek help from behavioral health professionals. How do we know what ...
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Caring for Older Adults in Behavioral Health Settings

One thing is certain in this life — we all age. And older people face particular mental, physical, and behavioral health challenges that can...
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A (2017) Conversation With Dr. Stephanie Covington

We'd like to give you a chance to get to know Dr. Covington. Read below a 2017 interview from Trauma Matters. How did you first get into tra...
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What is Charles Bonnet Syndrome?

When we think of visual hallucinations, we typically think of mental illness, drug interactions, and dementias.... but vision loss? Not usua...
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Nonprofit Stories: Uplifting Voices

Last year brought many changes to the Consortium. Like most other offices, we closed our doors and spent the better part of the year working...
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Trauma-Informed Care Across Sectors Part II: Methods & Results

A Note from the Editors: The following article was submitted by Pat Wilcox ahead of her session at the Uplifting Voices: Conversations on Tr...
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