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Heart-Mind-Body: Holistic Stress Management in Challenging Times

Stress is everywhere, it seems. Our society is still dealing with the loss and uncertainty of the pandemic. People are still getting sick an...
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What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a complex condition that leads people to experience intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and engage in rep...
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Recognizing and Treating Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality for many young people around the world. It harms their brains, bodies, and hearts and ripples out...
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What Is Vicarious Trauma? And How Can We Prevent It?

Every single day, behavioral health professionals interact with people who have experienced trauma. We care for them and hope to provide hea...
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Unlearning Weight Stigma to Embrace Our Beautiful Bodies

From the time we are little children, we are bombarded with images of idealized bodies and taught that our bodies take up too much space. Th...
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What Is SBIRT? And How Does It Help Address Substance Use Disorders?

When clients appear to be struggling with substance use issues, behavioral health professionals often use a tool called Screening, Brief Int...
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Using The ASAM Criteria for People Struggling with Addiction

Millions of people struggle with substance use issues, and some of them seek help from behavioral health professionals. How do we know what ...
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Caring for Older Adults in Behavioral Health Settings

One thing is certain in this life — we all age. And older people face particular mental, physical, and behavioral health challenges that can...
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Understanding Gender Identity to Better Serve LGBTQIA Populations

Gender identity comes up often in the work of behavioral health professionals, and understanding gender identity is one key to respectfully ...
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